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The following parts can be ordered from Cat Motorsports by phone, FAX and EMAIL
The individual nature of hand built cars is such that we recommend you contact us for a chat about your requirements rather than simply sending an order.

Prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (), we will however happily quote in Euro (€) should you wish.




Suspension Components
AVO Damper units - Various Specs (Steel body) from
AVO Damper units - Various Specs(Alloy body) from
Wide track Suspension (80mm wider) 199 per set
Suspension springs, various 17.00
Bottom Ball Joints 15.99
Top Ball Joints 9.20
Spherical bearing mounts/spacers 2.99
Polyurethane 95 Shore suspension bush (replacement for metalastic rubber bush) 2 x bushes & 1 x s/steel sleeve 5.50
per unit
Nylon bush (replacement for metalastic rubber bush) 2 x bushes & 1 x s/steel sleeve 5.50
per unit
Standard metalastic replacement bush 5.50
Braking Components
Ultra lightweight alloy 4 pot Calipers (direct replacement for the Ford M16)
Weighing in a under 1kg and no need to change your standard master cylinder.
Solid - Front discs 12:50 each No pic
Grooved Solid - Front discs 29.00
Vented - Front discs 37.50
No pic
Grooved Vented - Front discs 39.00 each
Solid - Rear discs 12:50 each No pic
Grooved Solid - Rear discs 29.00
EBC Green Stuff & Mintex - Front & Rear Pads From
Steering Components
Alloy ultra lightweight front hubs (1kg) 59.95
Front Bearings for Alloy hubs 10.50
Studs for alloy hubs (standard plus 13mm or standard plus 25mm) 1.50
Rear Hub & Front Fabricated Upright Wheel Bearings 25.00
2.4 Quick Rack 116.00
Alloy Steering Rack mounts 35.00
Escort steering rack Lock Stops 4.50
Escort Track rod end 8.25
Front hub Nut covers 3.50
Other Accessories
Miller Oils and petrol additives 29.95
Gear knobs, alloy, various colours 15.95
Countersunk alloy washers, silver or black, 6 & 8 mm 1.95

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